Blended Family

Shaken not stirred.

Just kidding – but we are blended.

I am a stepmom to Tyler and Emily. Hudson is a half-brother to T&E. The kids know that I would never want to nor could ever replace their mother. So we said I’m their “gift with purchase” or “bonus mom.” To us, we are family. No labels. No divisions. All love!

But there are certainly some unique challenges that come with managing children’s schedules across two homes – and we are ready to show the world how we do this! Hint – we do it pretty well 🙂

But for now, I wanted to share some pictures of our family from the beginning and a few favorite quotes about blended families.

Summer 2015 – after Milwaukee Brewers game

January 2014 – Hanging on kiddos bunk bed in our new apartment together.
November 2017 – Tyler, Emily & Hudson at the St. Louis Zoo

December 2014 – Family Hike
November 2015 – Dinner at Wildfire

January 2014 – Hanging with the Bean
July 2014 – Frontier Days

October 2016 – Pumpkin Patch
April 2017 – After Church (1.5 weeks before Hudson arrived)

June 2017 – Birthday Dinner


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